Friday, January 13, 2006

Yay for Flickr!!

Okay, I got Flickr to work! (Thanks for your help, Avorie)

Since I have an intoxicatingly exciting Friday night planned (the Mom and I will probably order pizza then watch CSI on Spike TV from 7-9 and then I'll lay around the house being lazy until midnight) I will add a few more recent photos (nerdy pj picture, anyone? Belly picture, anyone?) to it my fun new little toy named Flickr.

Can I just take a moment to reflect? Only 3 months ago or so, I had no idea what a blog was. I couldn't upload a picture from my camera to the computer (let alone from my computer to the internet) to save my life. The only website I regularly visited was for banking. Now look at me. I'm changing my website template. I'm downloading programs and pictures to make my blog more exciting. I have a brand new digital camera and video camera that I actually know how to use. Ya know what? I am thankful...*snif*... to all my 5 readers...*snif*...who have all made this journey worth it. Thank you, thank you all.

Okay, reflection over.

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Isabel said...

Hooray for blogging!!