Friday, June 20, 2008

Going to get a vacuum today....

I always get confused with how to spell vacuum...vaccum...vaccuum...? I keep forgetting if it's 2 c's or 2 u's. I actually had to look it up online and have Yahoo search correct me by asking, "Did you mean Vacuum?" What makes it most frustrating is that when the next time comes to actually write the word, I'll have forgotten how to spell it all over again. Do you have any words like that?

So why am I talking about "vacuum"? Because, YAAAYYY, I'm going to buy a manual pool vacuum today. Our pump is still broken but now our chemical balance is all good, so now I just have to clean the bottom of our pool manually. A pain in the ARS but soooo worth it when it's 8 million degrees outside and I am pregnant and overwhelmingly hot because I have a ridiculous house with no air conditioning. So getting to swim will make me happy on the 100 degree weather days.

Thanks by the way for your help w/my dining room table...I've gotten so distracted with other things that I still have both just sitting there! And sadly, it will probably be like that for the next couple months, too.

Friday, June 06, 2008

New Layout!

Okay, I didn't realize just how much of a computer idiot I am until I tried to add a flickr slideshow. Once I changed my layout (you like better? I do), blogger made it really easy for me...none of this whole "editing html" stuff anymore. Phiew!

I need everyone's opinion again! See the photo below? That is my dining room table, and I'm having difficulties deciding on which centerpiece to do. The wood plank on the right is actually a section of a used wine barrel from a Napa Valley winery with holes cut out for little tealights. It's really neat, because on the underside you can see the wine stain from its days of use. SUPER COOL, right? Right! Except...I think it's a little small for the table, it doesn't have any height. So instead, I could just do the three hurricanes with candles in them that match the color I have in the adjoining living room...but they seem boring. And if I don't put the wine barrel there, then there's NO OTHER place for it! HELP! Which do we like best? Or is there some super ingenious way to do both, like adding something more rustic inside the hurricanes to make them flow w/the look of the wine barrel? Also, I should note that I'm not a might look like I'm really into the super modern look, but not necessarily, I like that look but mixed w/vintage cottage (anthropologie-ish with a little antique mixed in).


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Random Questions for the Internet

So...I was doing laundry the other day, and started thinking about everyone else in the world, and the fact that everyone has their own way of doing their laundry. Now this is the most pathetic "housewife" type blog topic (perhaps second only to my last post on how to clean green), but I just have to ask:

1)How many times do you wear your bras before washing them? I wash about every 3 wears. Is that normal?

2)How many times do you wear your pajamas before washing them? Shirts: new one every night; pants: twice at the most. (I tend to wear them well into the day if I'm at home!)

3)How often do you change your sheets? I shoot for 1x a week

4)Do you use bleach w/your whites? I do just because Cole is a messy kid. If you don't, why not? Is it bad for my clothes?