Thursday, April 06, 2006


So...time for a few random pregnancy stories about how crazy I can get:

1) Yesterday, Jeff and I got these really good tickets to the A's vs. Yankees game (front row, right behind first base). It was really fun. Anyway, so the person doing the opening pitch was an 8 year old boy who won a raffle. Nothing special about him, he wasn't dying of leukemia or anything, just a normal, cute little 8 year old wearing a baseball hat too big for him. But as soon as I saw him, I couldn't keep from crying. For WHATEVER REASON, tears started streaming down my face. I guess I just thought he was SO cute. Good thing we were in the front row and no one could see my face. Except Derek Jeter, of course. :) But wait, it doesn't end there. So today, Jeff and I were laughing about me and my emotional attachment to the 8 year old boy, I started crying AGAIN!

2) I'm having bad dreams like Jeff having secret credit cards with which he buys porn (?!) and then puts us into bankruptcy because he never pays them off.... So I have to wake him up out of a dead sleep, and make him talk sense into me.

3) Jeff heard somewhere that the song "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt is about a guy whose wife died and he just can't get over it. I don't think it's true, but apparently, that wasn't enough to keep me from crying when I heard the song the other day in the grocery store as I was buying cat food. I think the cashier lady felt really bad for me.