Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I know, I know, I can't expect you to understand how pregnant I me (and husby, too!). I know that strangers don't think "Hey, there's a pregnant girl" as I walk by, but I USED to have a really flat stomach (now that it's not flat anymore, I can say that without sounding like I'm conceited, right?), and what used to be concave is now convex. And the fact that I can't button my jeans anymore says something, right? I swear there's a LITTLE belly, at least! Now I just need to LOOK as pregnant as I FEEL...*sigh*...

So last night we went to trivia again. We got 4th place out of 15. Yeah, we pretty much rocked. Except for me. I didn't rock, because I didn't contribute much. Because I was eating. Make that stuffing my face. The entire time.

It started with the blue cheese garlic chips. (The blue cheese was pasteurized, so don't worry.) They were for everyone, but I ended up eating most of them. I think my snorting like a pig as I ate intimidated them and they didn't want to interfere, in case I might eat one of their fingers or something.

Then I ordered a salmon caesar salad (Trying to make up for the greasy chips. And their dressing is not made with raw eggs, so again, don't worry). When I ordered, the waitress asked me if I wanted the large or small salad. Without even a second's hesitation, I said "Large."

Our food came, and I ate the entire large salad. And then proceeded to eat half of Husby's fries. And then one of my friend's chicken wings. And a couple bites of my friend's Turkey burger. My sprite was refilled like 48 times. I don't even like Sprite.

The kicker was when I made Husby and BFF Robin go with me to Krispy Kreme afterwards. The nearest Krispy Kreme is 15 minutes away, by freeway.

So today? Not much of a surprise that it's 11 am and I'm not even hungry yet. I know I should eat, but my stomach is still full of all of last night's grease. With a little "Original glazed" drizzled in. Ugh. I think I'll eat oatmeal for lunch. Isn't that supposed to help with my cholesterol level that I just raised, like, a million points last night?

*I have to say, I've recently realized one my favorite things about being pregnant is that my husband actually shares his food with me now. Do you remember that episode of Friends, where Joey goes on a date with this girl and freaks out when she takes a bite of his food? Well that used to be Husby. What is it with guys and their food?? But since I've been pregnant, every time I go to take a bite of his food, he willingly shares. He even offers me a second bite. And if I don't ask for a bite in the first place, he'll say, "Did you get enough food? Do you want some of mine? Here, please. Have some." (Sing the following to the tune of "The Twilight Zone") Doo doo doo doo, Doo doo doo doo...


Isabel said...

I is totally hard to watch your body change. I am not cool with it either.

But man, you just get so dang hungry, huh? I can't STOP eating!!!

(My hubby hates to share his food with me. JERK!)

Silly Hily said...

HA! Can't we relate everything to an episode of Friends? I actually did in my post today as well!
My hubby is as Italian as Joey on Friends was but bless his little heart, he would give me ALL of his food if I wanted it! And never once complain b/c I "need to feed the baby!"
I promise you that during pregnancy and esp. after you have that baby, you WILL fall in love with him all over again!

Erika said...

This is the thing that non-pregnant women don't understand...when they say "you don't even look pregnant!!!" they think they are paying you a compliment but it is exactly the opposite. Hang in there, I was like 22 weeks before people AT WORK (that see me every day) realized I was pregnant, much less people on the street. It's frustrating because now, when you don't look it, is when you need the most help because you feel awful!

KellyF said...

Just got a chance to check out your belly pics! I can definitely see a little belly there!

I can tell already, you are gonna be one of those gorgeous moms-to-be!

Jenna said...

One of the many things that I am excited for (when I get pregnant), is being able to eat everything in site, put on weight, and not feel near as guilty about it as I do now! Those garlic cheese chips sound to die for!