Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm making headway, I swear!!

The yellow-walled pit of despair, also known as "the room I somehow have to make presentable for an infant". I know it may surprise you, but I've actually worked hard to get it to look like this. This used to be my mom's guest room, and she's been VERY gracious and allowed me to turn it into the baby's room (not that it will be used much by the baby because of the short amount of time we have left here at my parent's house, but nonetheless necessary in order to store all the baby paraphernalia we are frantically hoarding like a couple of lunatic, procrastinating parents-to-be). So I've kept very busy this past few weeks destroying what used to be a very quaint and cute guest room, by doing the following:
Taking apart all the baby furniture people lent us that had been sitting in their garages and basements, in an effort to clean it (hence the naked swing in the picture).
Cramming all the stuff that was occupying 2 closets in the room into just 1 so the baby could have its own closet (hence the one really clean closet, and the one really messy one).
Washing the baby clothes (hence the laundry basket).
And lastly, doing all of this while trying to keep my shedding and annoyingly curious cats from messing up all my cleanliness with their masses of hair and vicious claws (hence the pillows stuffed in the bassinette to keep their dirty paws OUT!).

But inall seriousness, I have absolutely NO idea how I ever had the time to work. I've been off work for 2 1/2 weeks now, and I have been so busy!! I'm finally able to start catching up on ALL the stuff that has desperately needed my attention for a while now (Consistent blogging unfortunately not included! Will get to that soon, I swear!). Besides the previously discussed baby room, I've been able to do things like house cleaning (I never could get caught up on that), laundry (was ALWAYS last minute with WAY too many clothes in one load, it's a wonder they even got clean), and even... *gasp*... Cooking breakfast! For husband! Because I'm not running out the door to work! And we even get to read the newspaper! Together every morning! With Jeff not going in to work until noon, I can even do all that without having to get up early. We are so lucky to have a really nice morning together every day, it's honestly my favorite time of the day.

Yes, I know I've been spoiled to have all this time before the baby comes, many of you super-moms out there didn't get time till the baby was actually born. Reading all your blogs and seeing what you all went through before your little ones were born, I'm reminded to really appreciate this one month I have left of having my own time to do with as I please. I know, soon times like that will be nonexistent and only a fond memory!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Update at 33 weeks

I actually got home from work today at a very decent time (and am actually NOT! TIRED!) so I decided to update anyone who may be interested in seeing how huge-mongous I've become (actually, not so much me as the baby...but we're kinda one and the same right now). Please don't laugh at my shirt, I know those sleeves look silly, but I had to buy something that was actually comfortable (that wasn't one of Jeff's t-shirts--I've been living in them lately!), and I could only bring myself to shop at Old Navy Maternity because I'm only going to be pregnant for another 7 weeks or so, so why spend more than I have to on clothes this late in the game, ya know??

So anyway, according to some website I registered at that sends me emails every week, my baby is about 15 and 3/4 inches long, and weighs approximately 4 pounds, 5 ounces right now. I am only 3 weeks from being "full term", which supposedly is at 36 weeks. Yowza! So that means in a few weeks, I could really go into labor at any time! If I think about that for too long, it kinda freaks me out. Actually it REALLY freaks me out. I am SO not ready. I have nothing for the baby, and my shower isn't until July 25th...3 days before my due date! Plus, I am in the process of house-hunting, so things are going to be super crazy until we find a house.

Fortunately though, this week is my last full-time week at work. I'm lucky enough that I get to work on a project by project basis w/the company, which is a sweet deal (not super-lucrative, but at least it's something). So with a month and a half virtually free, hopefully I will be able to get ready for baby, and-- if we're lucky--find a house, pretty quickly.

Welp, I hope everyone is doing well, and sorry I've been so MIA!