Sunday, January 08, 2006


So it was brought to my attention (thanks, Kelly) that the house is in NC, not Wyoming. I saw something that said "Jackson Hole, Wyoming", and didn't look closer to realize that it was the first Home Giveaway in 1997. Stupid HGTV for making me look dumb.

So I'm having a problem with the ultrasound picture, so when I have a moment to myself I'll take a picture of the picture. Also, I'll go work on the belly picture later tonight. I say tonight because at night I look more pregnant than in the day, plus I'll be all gussied up because I'm going to a belated Christmas dinner for work. I am so excited, but very bummed out that I can't have a glass of wine with dinner. All for a good cause though, so I know it's worth it!

Okay, I forgot to post that one, and I also forgot to take the gussied up belly picture. I guess tonight, when I'll surely be looking like crap will have to do. But now that I've seen Angelina's pregnant pictures, I am afraid to post one of me, for I will be far more pale in comparison. Sometimes I hate beautiful famous people.

Okay, I haven't had the opportunity to mention this, but I GOT A NEW CAR!!! FINALLY!!!!

After months of deliberating, we finally decided on this beautiful Nissan Murano in Platinum with Black leather interior. We even splurged on the Touring package. It is SO BEAUTIFUL! I love to sit in it and play with the in-dash computer. Yeah, I said in-dash computer. That. comes. standard. And the seat warmers. And the HID lights that go up and down. And the 6 cd bose system. And the camera that shows what's behind me when I'm reversing. And the...okay, I'll stop.

Before you think to yourself "Why would she buy a car like that if she's trying to buy a house?", please take note of what I drove before: a 1989 maroon Honda Civic. Oxidized maroon. 198,000 miles. Driving it was like driving a skateboard. It is so ugly, someone threw a pumpkin at it on Halloween. And we also have a close family member who works for the company and got us a very splenderific discount, so that didn't hurt either.

Now, I'm a firm believer in the fact that no one truly "deserves" anything. We get whatever we work for. (Please don't get me started on welfare...) However, I came as close to "deserving" a new car as you can. I may sound spoiled here, but I was driving a poor college kid's car 4 years post-college.

Plus our little Sweetie-Pie will need something big and safe to ride around in... and to throw soggy cheerios all over.


Silly Hily said...

I love your new car! And yes, that baby will need something reliable to ride around in.
Oh, and I want to see the goofy pajama picture!

KellyF said...

Oh that car is sooo pretty! And ya know what, you DO deserve it! (and I have some pretty harsh opinions on welfare, too).

I was in the same boat as you. I drove a 1995 Hyundai Accent (sexy, huh?) until last March. Then I got my first new car, this oh-so-nice Mazda Tribute SUV. I love it.

But you know what would make you deserve that car even MORE? Sharing some belly pics with your internet friends! :)

jessica said...

I am a firm believer that babies need big strong cars to ride in. You had every reason to buy it. Congrats!

Artist Formerly Known as Ella said...

Thats a great looking car! Congratulations! And yes you do deserve it! Driving something that bad for that long... girl you more than deserve it. And little baby haggalicious didn't want to riding in a car 17 years older than him! What would his peeps at the playground say?

Avorie said...

Good choice! We have the same car! Only ours is white with a tan leather interior! We've had it for almost a year and I'm just as tickled with it today as I was when we first bought it. Becides all the amazing features (we got EVERYTHING), it feels safe and heavy. I'll feel very comfortable transporting Baby around in the Murano!