Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm sorry, can you repeat that?

So lately I've been feeling like I'm fighting some kind of bug. I get dizzy almost every stinkin' time I stand up, and my ears get all plugged up and I hear this high pitch tone in them. I've figured I was just getting sick. Until I read my Handy Dandy Little "What To Expect When You're Expecting" book.

I was reading about month 4, and lo and behold, what I thought was my immune system kicking some weird germ's ass, was instead, a pregnancy symptom. Ears getting plugged up is a symptom of pregnancy. And my nose bleeds aren't because the heater is drying my nasal cavities out like I previously thought. That's actually a symptom too. And that weird metallic taste in my mouth? And my eyesight getting those floaty things? All symptoms. So. Weird. Which one of my 5 senses is left? Touch? So what does that mean? My hand's going to start feeling like it got slammed in a car door or something? Geez!

It's just so strange to see all these changes occuring that I'd never thought about. When I put that pillow under my shirt when I was 10 to see what I'd look like pregnant, I should have put plugs in my ears, foil in my mouth, had someone punch me in the nose to make it bleed, and stared at the sun for a few minutes first just to make it authentic.


Artist Formerly Known as Ella said...

Makes you wonder about all those women on TV shows that don't know they are pg until they happen to give birth on the toilet. Hum, did you not notice all the other "symptoms"?

Isabel said...

Yes-the nose bleeds. Always a fun thing.

And after all this have a baby who poops in his own pants to show for it.

I ask you, is it worth it?

(rumor has it that it is!)

Erika said...

ROFL...I hate to tell you but sometimes my hands tingle like they are asleep so don't hold your breath on that one!!