Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So the title is supposed to be "update" but my left hand was on the wrong place on the keyboard. Kinda reminds me of those obnoxious word verification things that for some reason I always end up having to do twice....

Forgive my lack of typing correctly, as I missed an entire hour of sleep "entertaining" my son at 1 am.

He woke up saying "Bah-bah. Ma mamama. Thbbbllt. Yah!" Turns out that's 10-month for "Let's play."

The bright side is at least he held still while I took the opportunity to change his diaper. I think the last time he held still for a diaper change was when he didn't know how to roll over yet.

I'm sitting here with my hands poised over my keyboard, at a complete loss of what to write about. What I did yesterday? Oh sure, like anybody really wants to hear about how I organized my office and finally got around to shredding 7 year old bank statements. So how about a synopsis on how the last 9 months of my life has been?

Motherhood? Amazing. I love my boy more than I ever thought I could. Although I end up doing what I never wanted to do: Letting my house look like a daycare. But doggonit, it is SO MUCH easier than the alternative: putting away toys, then getting them back out, then putting them away again... just to get them right back out.

Homeownership? Certainly has its plusses and minusses, but generally, it's a plus. I'll get to that in a moment.
Housewifery? Would be great if that was all I had to do...however I work 8 hours a week at my parents' (billing for my dad's engineering business and housecleaning for my mom), in addition to copy writing for my old job. I don't even have time to pluck my eyebrows. Okay, I still make time, it just happens to be in place of sleep. And about a week overdue.

Back to the whole homeownership thing...


  • get to decorate all I want
  • get to paint the walls any color I want
  • get to learn how to garden
  • get to touch the side of my house and know that "I own this stucco!"
  • get to paint a couple swatches on the exterior side of our house and leave it there as long as we need to...

  • get to dream about remodeling my kitchen and know that it's actually possible
  • get to have a pool that makes for a great party

  • Too poor to remodel kitchen, so it's actually not possible.
  • my "master bedroom" is 10' x 12'.
  • my pool doesn't have an automatic vacuum so I have to do it by hand...everyday...so it doesn't get dirty on the bottom...which makes me want to rip out my damn pool.
  • I don't have a/c. Which makes me need a pool so i can cool myself off when it's 836 degrees outside.
Wow, I sound ungrateful...Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my house. There are just things that AREN'T working for me.
Here is a picture montage so you can at least see what I mean about my kitchen.

This is one half of my kitchen. Aside from the hideous countertops, there is SUCH a lack of cabinet space that I am forced to hang my pots on the walls and leave half our food on the counter.

(Obviously, my maid didn't get the memo that we would be showcasing the kitchen today. I should fire her.)

Now this picture shows you the other half of my kitchen (aside from the fridge, which is out of the picture on the left). You have now seen all of my cabinets, or lack thereof. And hopefully understand that yes, they suck. The other issue I have with this space is that those two stools, on the other side of the bar, are on carpet. Which makes this not really an eat-at counter that children can eat at. So aside from the dining room which is behind me as I take this picture, away from all the living space, there is nowhere to eat that is near the family room and television, which I would prefer. Which leads me to this solution:

Remove this wall and put an island in its place. This is the formal-living-room-side of the kitchen wall that has the stove/oven on it. I can put cabinetry around all sides of the island, and get one of those stoves that have the fan that raises w/a push of a button. This would solve all my issues: Have a place to eat that is part of the general living space, give us better cabinetry and counters (as it would all be replaced), and...

even make the dining room more desirable of a space to sit, as it's more open to everything too!

The boy is awake now, so thus ends this post.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Are you still there?

So last night I was on here for the first time in a LOOOONG time.

I just found out that a couple college friends are bloggers, and after reading their blogs, I felt reinspired. I don't know how dedicated I will be to this, but I will certainly try to update at least a little!

This is me and my little guy a month or so ago.

He's 10 months already. He has 8 teeth and crawls faster than I can... I feel like it was just yesterday when I could leave him under his baby einstein jungle thing while I unloaded the dishwasher, and not even worry about him rolling over. Let alone crawling into the bathroom and pulling all the toilet paper off its roll! (Not that's happened or anything...twice...)

Time goes fast, doesn't it? I can't believe how much has happened since I was on here last...Kellyf had a baby?! Janet FINALLY GOT MARRIED??? Isabel's house isn't finished yet, is it??

Well everyone, I will try to be better with posting...I've finally gotten "Coley-roll" on a nap schedule.

Bye for now!