Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I have a cold. The feelslikeatruckranoveryourheadinthemorning, you'vewipedyournosesomuchtheskinisflaking kind. Jeff has it too, and so we were both awake this morning from 4 until 5:30 or so. And because I was too weak to fight him for the remote, I had to watch three. episodes. of. COPS. while I coughed and blew my nose in tired misery. I hate that show. And I hate being sick, and I hate being tired. And I especially hate both of them together. And I especially-especially hate both of them together when I have to watch COPS. Here at work, all I want to do is close my eyes and sleep under my desk.

That's all I'm writing today because I am freaking sick and freaking tired.

Oh, and freaking pregnant. Everything bad is always worse when you're pregnant on top of it.


Thursday, January 26, 2006


I'm the youngest of 3 sisters. After spending any decent amount of time with the 3 of us, you would never doubt that we are a) 100% blood-related and b) totally insane. We all talk the same, have the same laugh, same sense of humor, same color of hair, taste in music, blah, blah blah.

This was not always true. There were many times when I felt like I was destined to be The Weird Sister. First, they were both living in LA. I was in San Francisco. Then they both got married. I was going through 3 boyfriends about every 4 weeks. Then they started having babies. The only thing close to me having babies was “Spydie”, my hanging Spider Plant. Then they both bought houses, and all they ever talked about was designing or landscaping them. I couldn't even afford to wash my sheets, let alone wonder whether sateen or Egyptian cotton was best. They just kept growing up and getting all mature, and I kept resisting, because, seriously, WHO CARES WHETHER YOU PLANT A BOUGAINVILLEA OR A CRATE MYRTLE TREE? Gah.

I proceeded on, determined to be Totally Unique, absolutely positive that getting married and having kids would like, seriously, never be me. I dated a baseball player, a musician, an aspiring actor. I tried to be a poet for like 3 weeks. I thought about being a personal trainer for 5 minutes. I even seriously considered going to design school after I'd already spent like 8 million dollars on my college education.

Then. I met Jeff. And subsequently, gave in to being...ME. I started watching HGTV and Law and Order. I stopped spending entire paychecks on something because it had a recognized label on it. I stopped caring about which band was playing at the Viper Room that week. And a Bougainvilla would totally be better there, Sandy, because it's a vine, not a tree. Duh.

I'm in a place I never imagined would suit me. But it does, it fits me better than anything else I tried. It was like I was forcing Jimmy Choo's on my designed-for-flip-flops feet. I'm more excited about what diaper bag I carry than knowing whoever the hell that Kanye West guy is.

BUT. I have my limits. There is ONE THING my sisters do that I SWEAR ON HOLY HEAVEN I will not start doing.


Oh, what, for the love of Mary, is so fun about using squiggle scissors to cut out a picture, and whathehell is a sizzix?

My sisters love to scrapbook so much that once they went up to our family’s lake house and spent the entire time inside. They even forgot to eat a couple meals because they were so into it. The thought of being stuck at a dining room table for days, putting PALM TREE STICKERS next to pictures of my trip to Mexico, is about as thrilling as…I can’t even think of something so awful.

And they’re so disappointed in me. After all, I’ve come so far, with the whole getting married and pregnant thing. I even went from borrowing 8 bucks so my checking account won’t be in the red to balancing my checkbook in an excel spreadsheet linked to my budget. They just assumed that scrapbooking would be the next logical step for me.

I'm so insistent that I will NEVER start that forsaken hobby, but they just do things like pat my shoulder and said “You’re totally going to want to scrapbook your wedding.” Uhhh… 15 months later, I have managed to get all my pictures IN A FREAKING ALBUM and that just about sent me to a psychiatrist begging for Geodon.

Now they’re saying, “Just wait till you have your baby. You’ll totally want to create a special album for them to look back on when they’re older.”

To which I say, just to piss them off, “Nooooo, I find nothing wrong with the way Mom did it. You know, throw all the pictures into a file box in no chronological order whatsoever. That way we won’t be able to tell the difference between any of the baby pictures. You know, Amy, like that baby picture you submitted to the yearbook’s ‘Guess Who’ section that really ended up being a picture of me?”

Any hobby where I have to purchase crap from a store with a name like “Once Upon A Memory”, where paper costs like $1.75 a sheet is, like, so not me.

*I have to say, this is not meant in any way to bash scrapbookers. I do not think you all are wackjobs for enjoying that hobby. In fact, I admire your patience, attention to detail and ability to sit down and focus for 5 hours straight without so much as a potty break.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm sorry, can you repeat that?

So lately I've been feeling like I'm fighting some kind of bug. I get dizzy almost every stinkin' time I stand up, and my ears get all plugged up and I hear this high pitch tone in them. I've figured I was just getting sick. Until I read my Handy Dandy Little "What To Expect When You're Expecting" book.

I was reading about month 4, and lo and behold, what I thought was my immune system kicking some weird germ's ass, was instead, a pregnancy symptom. Ears getting plugged up is a symptom of pregnancy. And my nose bleeds aren't because the heater is drying my nasal cavities out like I previously thought. That's actually a symptom too. And that weird metallic taste in my mouth? And my eyesight getting those floaty things? All symptoms. So. Weird. Which one of my 5 senses is left? Touch? So what does that mean? My hand's going to start feeling like it got slammed in a car door or something? Geez!

It's just so strange to see all these changes occuring that I'd never thought about. When I put that pillow under my shirt when I was 10 to see what I'd look like pregnant, I should have put plugs in my ears, foil in my mouth, had someone punch me in the nose to make it bleed, and stared at the sun for a few minutes first just to make it authentic.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

So Ironic...

It's so weird how things always seem to happen all at once.

I'm talking about my social life.

I moved back here, to the city I grew up in, a year and a half ago for a new job and to get married. I left all of my friends in Southern California. Aside from my sister, I have survived on One Friend this past 19 months. Until, like, 1 week ago.

In this past week, I have had 5 invitations out to either lunch or dinner. Monday, my friend from college called me to let me know her sister moved to my area. So I met her sister for lunch Wednesday. That same day, I got a call from a friend who lives a couple hours away, asking me to call back and schedule a night we could meet half way for dinner. Last Friday evening, my husband's best friend's fiance asked me to go wedding dress shopping and out to dinner with her. An old friend from high school asked me to meet her for lunch yesterday. Then my oldest friend (since 3rd grade) called to let me know she's in town next month and asked if I could go to dinner. So AT LAST, I am getting more friends, and am finally. going. to. have. a. social. life.

What makes this so ironic? The fact that I'm getting this great, well-rounded, exciting social life 6 months before I have a child and end up having nearly NO TIME for lunch and dinner dates. And the only one with children is the one who lives 2 hours from me. So most likely the social life that I'll be spending the next 6 months cultivating and nurturing will DISINTEGRATE. Into the vast nothingness it was two weeks ago. And to top it off, the Trivia Night at the brewery that husby and I have so much fun going to (with The Only Friend) on Tuesday nights? That will also be no longer, because there is NO WAY I am going to have someone babysit my brand new little baby just so I can go drink beer and play trivia. So in fact, my social life will actually be LESS than the vast nothingness. It will be a VAST WASTELAND of NOTHINGNESS....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I know, I know, I can't expect you to understand how pregnant I look...to me (and husby, too!). I know that strangers don't think "Hey, there's a pregnant girl" as I walk by, but I USED to have a really flat stomach (now that it's not flat anymore, I can say that without sounding like I'm conceited, right?), and what used to be concave is now convex. And the fact that I can't button my jeans anymore says something, right? I swear there's a LITTLE belly, at least! Now I just need to LOOK as pregnant as I FEEL...*sigh*...

So last night we went to trivia again. We got 4th place out of 15. Yeah, we pretty much rocked. Except for me. I didn't rock, because I didn't contribute much. Because I was eating. Make that stuffing my face. The entire time.

It started with the blue cheese garlic chips. (The blue cheese was pasteurized, so don't worry.) They were for everyone, but I ended up eating most of them. I think my snorting like a pig as I ate intimidated them and they didn't want to interfere, in case I might eat one of their fingers or something.

Then I ordered a salmon caesar salad (Trying to make up for the greasy chips. And their dressing is not made with raw eggs, so again, don't worry). When I ordered, the waitress asked me if I wanted the large or small salad. Without even a second's hesitation, I said "Large."

Our food came, and I ate the entire large salad. And then proceeded to eat half of Husby's fries. And then one of my friend's chicken wings. And a couple bites of my friend's Turkey burger. My sprite was refilled like 48 times. I don't even like Sprite.

The kicker was when I made Husby and BFF Robin go with me to Krispy Kreme afterwards. The nearest Krispy Kreme is 15 minutes away, by freeway.

So today? Not much of a surprise that it's 11 am and I'm not even hungry yet. I know I should eat, but my stomach is still full of all of last night's grease. With a little "Original glazed" drizzled in. Ugh. I think I'll eat oatmeal for lunch. Isn't that supposed to help with my cholesterol level that I just raised, like, a million points last night?

*I have to say, I've recently realized one my favorite things about being pregnant is that my husband actually shares his food with me now. Do you remember that episode of Friends, where Joey goes on a date with this girl and freaks out when she takes a bite of his food? Well that used to be Husby. What is it with guys and their food?? But since I've been pregnant, every time I go to take a bite of his food, he willingly shares. He even offers me a second bite. And if I don't ask for a bite in the first place, he'll say, "Did you get enough food? Do you want some of mine? Here, please. Have some." (Sing the following to the tune of "The Twilight Zone") Doo doo doo doo, Doo doo doo doo...

Friday, January 13, 2006

Doesn't it look so much bigger from my angle?

The Long Awaited Belly (or lack thereof) Picture!

Ha! It doesn't look like much...but I swear, there's a baby in there!

Yay for Flickr!!

Okay, I got Flickr to work! (Thanks for your help, Avorie)

Since I have an intoxicatingly exciting Friday night planned (the Mom and I will probably order pizza then watch CSI on Spike TV from 7-9 and then I'll lay around the house being lazy until midnight) I will add a few more recent photos (nerdy pj picture, anyone? Belly picture, anyone?) to it my fun new little toy named Flickr.

Can I just take a moment to reflect? Only 3 months ago or so, I had no idea what a blog was. I couldn't upload a picture from my camera to the computer (let alone from my computer to the internet) to save my life. The only website I regularly visited was WAMU.com for banking. Now look at me. I'm changing my website template. I'm downloading programs and pictures to make my blog more exciting. I have a brand new digital camera and video camera that I actually know how to use. Ya know what? I am just...so thankful...*snif*... to all my 5 readers...*snif*...who have all made this journey worth it. Thank you, thank you all.

Okay, reflection over.


So I just signed up to Flickr, and I want to include a link to my flickr photos in the sidebar of this blog. I cannot find ANYWHERE how to add it to my template. Can someone help me?

Sunday, January 08, 2006


So it was brought to my attention (thanks, Kelly) that the house is in NC, not Wyoming. I saw something that said "Jackson Hole, Wyoming", and didn't look closer to realize that it was the first Home Giveaway in 1997. Stupid HGTV for making me look dumb.

So I'm having a problem with the ultrasound picture, so when I have a moment to myself I'll take a picture of the picture. Also, I'll go work on the belly picture later tonight. I say tonight because at night I look more pregnant than in the day, plus I'll be all gussied up because I'm going to a belated Christmas dinner for work. I am so excited, but very bummed out that I can't have a glass of wine with dinner. All for a good cause though, so I know it's worth it!

Okay, I forgot to post that one, and I also forgot to take the gussied up belly picture. I guess tonight, when I'll surely be looking like crap will have to do. But now that I've seen Angelina's pregnant pictures, I am afraid to post one of me, for I will be far more pale in comparison. Sometimes I hate beautiful famous people.

Okay, I haven't had the opportunity to mention this, but I GOT A NEW CAR!!! FINALLY!!!!

After months of deliberating, we finally decided on this beautiful Nissan Murano in Platinum with Black leather interior. We even splurged on the Touring package. It is SO BEAUTIFUL! I love to sit in it and play with the in-dash computer. Yeah, I said in-dash computer. That. comes. standard. And the seat warmers. And the HID lights that go up and down. And the 6 cd bose system. And the camera that shows what's behind me when I'm reversing. And the...okay, I'll stop.

Before you think to yourself "Why would she buy a car like that if she's trying to buy a house?", please take note of what I drove before: a 1989 maroon Honda Civic. Oxidized maroon. 198,000 miles. Driving it was like driving a skateboard. It is so ugly, someone threw a pumpkin at it on Halloween. And we also have a close family member who works for the company and got us a very splenderific discount, so that didn't hurt either.

Now, I'm a firm believer in the fact that no one truly "deserves" anything. We get whatever we work for. (Please don't get me started on welfare...) However, I came as close to "deserving" a new car as you can. I may sound spoiled here, but I was driving a poor college kid's car 4 years post-college.

Plus our little Sweetie-Pie will need something big and safe to ride around in... and to throw soggy cheerios all over.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Mama wants a brand new house

So the other day I was playing around on the computer, and happened to come upon the HGTV website. What I found made me VERY excited. I had totally forgotten about this year's Dream Home Giveaway!!! Now I'm not sure if I could ever really move to Jackson Hole Wyoming, but I can tell you that I definitely could get used to living in a house like that!!!
So every day I've been on the site to register both Husby and I, and I've decided that I'm going to win this year. All the past years I've entered I (obviously) never won, but I have a special feeling about it this time. I've never won anything before, and I feel like eventually, my time has to come. So why not come now? Wish me luck!!

PS-Belly and U/S pics are on their way, promise...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I love nice nurses.

Husby and I had an Ultrasound appointment today with the world's most awesome Nurse Practitioner. This would have been our first Ultrasound for Sweetie Pie (Have I mentioned my nephew named the baby that? Somehow it just stuck.) had there not been a little scare in the beginning. Instead this was our 3rd, and we found out that most likely, we are 1 week less along than we thought, 10 weeks instead of 11. Bummer, but no biggie.
So at the appointment, the nurse discussed with me all the test results from when they took like 800 viles of blood from me 3 weeks ago. I am happy to announce that I do not have HIV, Syphilis or the other STD they tested for. I also have rockin' red blood cells and do not carry the gene for CF. Boo ya.
Unfortunately, I leave a little lacking in the iron area. As in, I'm borderline anemic. But really, no bigger here either. I always knew I had low iron because whenever I've donated blood they always have to run 2 tests to check my levels. Now I just have to take a low dose "slow iron" supplement. Just one more thing to remember.
The truly, truly good news came when the nurse said I am out of the "miscarriage zone". I am SOOO thrilled! YES! I can now sleep peacefully, and not have the fear of telling anyone I'm pregnant then having to come back a day later and say, "Psych."
So what was so great about this nurse? Well, same thing that makes anyone great: they butter me up and flatter me with compliments! (kidding, really, you don't have to do that to make me like you...but hey, we can all agree, a little compliment never hurt anyone!) As we were looking at Sweetie Pie on the monitor (I swear, the baby grew like a million...millimeters or something. It was huge. And swimming. Like water ballet swimming. I am so excited that I'll never have to fuss with teaching it how to swim some day...), she said "You have a beautiful uterus." Wow. I never thought I would appreciate a comment like that so much. I wasn't sure if I should say thanks though, cause it's not like I had anything to do with it. So instead I said, "Oh, good! I've always hoped I had a good one!"
The other great thing about this nurse is that she printed off like 15 pictures. I could practically fill up a Sweetie Pie photo album. There's one with the baby waving at us (I swear), one with it's back to us, front to us, sideways...you name it. And you know what I'm going to do with them all? Put them in my purse, and make every person I know have to look at them all. Because Sweetie Pie is the cutest little fetus you ever did see. I swear, I fell truly in love with it today. Once I saw it moving, it became real to me. I seriously thought in my head, "That is the cutest baby I have ever seen." And it's just a black and white blobby thing! How insane is that? But it's true! I'll even try to figure out my mom's scanner, and I'll put a picture on here so you can all see the cutest blobby baby for yourself. And if you're all real good, I'll post a belly pic. But only if you're good!