Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Me = Big Nerd.

I am such a dork. So last night? I went to a local microbrewery downtown with several friends, minus Husby, who was working overtime. Please know, the bar scene isn't my thing. But this... *sigh* this was no Hang-Out-And-Do-Nothing-But-Talk-And-Drink kind of night. Oh, no.

This was Trivia Night, BABY!

Now this was my first time at Trivia Night (I swear), and it was SO MUCH FUN! And that's not the beer talking, because I didn't have very much. Being as competitive as I am when it comes to board games and the like, I had to keep my head clear of the buzz-fuzz. And please don't get the wrong idea here, I take that precaution not because I'm good. I am so. not. good. at. trivia. I think I contributed a total of three answers (out of 70) to my team, all of which I can still remember: Morgan Fairchild, The Wall by Pink Floyd, and Pasteurization.

And my team got slaughtered. Silly us, thinking it was just an opportunity to have fun. There is a whole world out there of Trivia Buffs. I have to say I was getting a little flustered at the other teams and their unrealistically vast and ultra-annoying trivia knowledge. You know, the guys who probably come every week, and know answers to the most retarded questions, like "For what purpose is trinitoluene most commonly used?"


We're so gonna kick their asses next week.


dewwy peterson said...
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Ticket 4 Two said...

Eh there chicha! Trivia = fun times to humilitate yourself. Yeah! Good luck on the whole house-buying thing. That was one reason Joel n I moved to Bmore, cause we can by twice the house for a 10th of the price in LA. No joke. Crazy, huh?