Thursday, September 07, 2006


We're getting the carpet installed tomorrow morning!!! YAY! That means we get to FINALLY MOVE IN TO OUR NEW HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! I am packing up my clothes starting RIGHT NOW.

I am obviously super excited. But also won't have internet for a little while. So please don't forget about me. I will be back, I promise. In the meantime, read my sister's blog. :) (Do you think I've plugged her blog enough yet?)


Artist Formerly Known as Ella said...

Congrats on carpeting and MOVING IN!!!!!

Yipee! Don't worry we won't forget about you as long as you come bearing baby pictures upon your return!

janet said...

awesome! it will be so great to have your own little home. Am. So. Jealous!!!!!

Silly Hily said...

YAY for carpet! I'm so excited for you.
But big time boooooo for no internet access. I'll read Sandy in the meantime. Tell her to keep us informed if anything really important happens with you or Cole. M-kay. YOu are such a good sister to whore her blog out like that. :-)

liberalbanana said...

We won't forget about you! I hope the move goes smoothly!

KellyF said...

Congrats on the new house... and moving into that new house!

Can't wait to see pics!