Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To the Wayside (by the way, where is the "wayside?")

Two years ago this coming August, I became a homeowner, quit working and became a mother... all literally within 10 days of eachother. So basically, I can sum up the last two years of my life with two words: BROKE and BUSY. I was thinking about this today while I was showering my daily 2.5 minute shower (I've got to shower QUICK~while Cole's sleeping I've got to do everything he doesn't let me do while he's awake...which is pretty much everything, as he is the most high maintenance child in the world. ANYWAY.). I was thinking about all the things that have changed in my life due to those two words, and figured what a great list for my blog. Here it is:

Things that have changed due to lack of time:

2)Shaving my legs (hey, my hair is blonde, so you can't tell)

3)Blowdrying my hair

4)Wearing makeup absolutely every time I leave the house

5)Watching a movie during the daytime

6)Putting Jeff's clean laundry away (he gets a big stack...why bother, he just makes a mess of his drawers anyway!)
7)Going to the movies

Things that have changed due to lack of money:

1)Eating out

2)Using expensive shampoo and conditioner (although I have to admit, with our tax return I bought two giant bottles of Redken All Soft--my FAVORITE!)

3)New Juicy Suits

4)Buying new MAC eyeshadows and lip glosses every few weeks

5)Shopping at Nordstrom (H&M and Forever 21 here I come!)

6)Using expensive facewash (But I've discovered Neutragena...LOVE IT!)

7)Getting my hair done every 3 months

8)Getting my hair cut AT ALL (I honestly haven't even had a TRIM in 1 year)

9)My gym membership

10)A new pool vacuum to help suck out the algae...

Don't worry, I'm not breeding West Nile Virus...I just have to get our pump know, only $1800 later...

Things that have survived my lack of time and money:

1)My flip flop obsession

Every one of these shoes has been purchased within the last 9 months

2)Expensive jeans (I just don't get more than 1 pair a season now)

3)Perfectly folded towels

4)The "good" cable with DVR (Hey, not watching commercials saves time!)

Now, finally, I will end with a 30-weeks-along pregnancy pic:


Jenna said...

You look great for 30 weeks! I can totally relate to your lists, and my flip flop collection is taking over my trendy shoe collection so easily.

Oh, and regarding putting your husband's clothes away. I stopped doing that, too, but not because he makes a mess. Shoot, I have three other peoples clothes to put away (mine and my two girls!). Three out of four isn't half bad is what I think!

Chas said...

I relate completely to being "broke and busy"! It's amazing how busy you become when you no longer have a paying job!

Anonymous said...

OK, so it's absolutely hilarious that you are pregnant. I know I'm probably the last one to know. I actually was thinking about you a lot a few weeks ago for some reason and I just kept thinking "I should call her. I think she might be pregnant". Weird huh?