Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The One Where I Write About Nothing.

Here are my kitties. Gracie on the left, Cali on the right. They really like the bathroom window for some reason.

I am feeling awful lately. I know I shouldn't complain, because I haven't thrown up, but I get this morning, afternoon and evening sickness and it rarely goes away. It's just this icky, nauseous feeling. If I think about it or talk about it I start to dry heave. It makes me feel like I'm being overly dramatic like Jessica Simpson on the "Newlyweds" episode where they go to this super-fancy restaurant in Napa and she hates all the food and starts gagging. Please say I'm not as obnoxious as she is.

So I wanted to put some pictures on here...but for some reason Blogger is not cooperating. It wants to put all the pictures at the beginning of my post instead of where I left the cursor. Curses! Well, at least you got one. Aren't my kitties cute?


KellyF said...

Aw, sweetie! You are so NOT as obnoxious as Jessica Simpson! Please. You are also WAY prettier than her (no lie... you are too cute and she has lately been looking like a dude in drag.)

You deserve a little sympathy. :) You're doing a big job... growing a new little person!

Enjoy your weekend!

Isabel said...

Don't worry, you WILL start to feel better. And not so tired. These middle months are great. I feel so good.

And complain all you want. This is the one time in your life that it is expected!