Thursday, December 29, 2005

Cheesy Pajamas

Don't you just love cheesy family pictures? That's me in the red hat with my sister and her two daughters. We're wearing fleece hats we bought at an Arts and Crafts fair. I'm hoping that font is so small you can't read it. If you can, please don't tell anyone that I wore (and still have) a fleece hat I actually paid ten dollars for at an Arts and Crafts fair.

Anyway. My family SO dominates in the hoaky photos department.

Case in point: Every Christmas Eve we all open one present, and it's the same every year: Pajamas to wear that night and all the next day. I say that because it literally takes all day to open our presents (my mom goes overboard on the gifting, plus we take turns opening our as the family gets bigger, Christmas gets in we opened until 7 pm this year).

I digress.

Back to the pajamas. So somewhere down the line, we decided that we should take a "Jammie Picture" every year, showcasing our new pj's. Heh. The name "Jammie Picture" is even cheesy. Now you might think this picture would be cute. Only partly true. There are two of these pictures, and yes, one is cute. However, the second one? Is so entirely retarded.

Some nerd in our family (not me, I swear. I'm the youngest of three sisters, and am trying my hardest, despite getting older, to stay the coolest. For example? They both scrapbook. Me? SO TOO COOL to scrapbook. [sorry if anyone reading this partakes in this rather expensive and extremely time consuming hobby. If it's any consolation, I like looking at them...I just don't have the patience for it.])

Oops. Digressed again. So some nerd in our family decided one Christmas that it would be funny to pose normal for one "Jammie Picture" and then pose goofy for another. For the record, I was initially SO incredibly against this idea. However, I hate to be a party pooper, so I decided that I could maintain my coolness by having the best goofy look.

Last year, I pretended to punch Jeff in the face while he choked me.

The year before that I drew a really big mole on my face with eyeliner.

The year before that I laid on the floor pretending to be dead.

Seriously, I am amazed at how good I am at pretending to not be cool. You'd almost (I said almost) think that I actually enjoyed these cheesy "Jammie Pictures". Please, my friends. Do not be fooled. I do not enjoy these pictures, and worry not, nothing can take away my coolness. Not even this baby growing in me. Rest assured, there are no minivans on the horizon, or family photos in which we wear matching denim shirts. No, no, not me, I will forever remain chic. Fleecy red arts and crafts hat and all.


KellyF said...

Two things:

1. You are so cute in that photo! I love cheesy family moments.

2. Did you get the Petunia Pickle Bottom bag for Christmas? :)

Erika said...

What a great tradition!!!

Isabel said...

I love the "normal" pic. Now let's see goofy one.

Come on...

Artist Formerly Known as Ella said...

Is it me or do you guys look like you just jumped off a catalog page for LL Bean?