Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Random Questions for the Internet

So...I was doing laundry the other day, and started thinking about everyone else in the world, and the fact that everyone has their own way of doing their laundry. Now this is the most pathetic "housewife" type blog topic (perhaps second only to my last post on how to clean green), but I just have to ask:

1)How many times do you wear your bras before washing them? I wash about every 3 wears. Is that normal?

2)How many times do you wear your pajamas before washing them? Shirts: new one every night; pants: twice at the most. (I tend to wear them well into the day if I'm at home!)

3)How often do you change your sheets? I shoot for 1x a week

4)Do you use bleach w/your whites? I do just because Cole is a messy kid. If you don't, why not? Is it bad for my clothes?


Chas said...

1. In the winter I probably wear my bras 3 or 4 times. In the summer months I usually switch every day just b/c we spend a lot of time outside and I'm a sweater.

2. I wear different shirts every night, and I don't wear pants.

3. I also shoot for once a week, but I often go over that.

4. I do use bleach with whites sometimes. It is a little harsh on your clothes for every single wash, or at least that's my take on it. Some people think bleach is the devil, so I'm interested to find what kind of responses you get on this one.

Kelly said...

1. I'm with you, about every three wears.

2. Usually different shirts/pants every night.

3. I shoot for once a week, but it's more like every 2 weeks.

4. I only bleach when necessary.

Good to see you are back! :)

Anonymous said...

Let me preface this comment by saying that I have the smallest washing machine on the planet and as is I already have to do laundry every day. With that being said, in general I try to get the most wear possible out of EVERYTHING.

1. I was my bras if I get sweaty in them or if I wear them to work because after I day at work they wreak of coffee.

2. I shower before bed so I'm clean at night therefore I wear my jammies for about a week.

3. I change my sheets when they come untucked and start to swallow Keith and I.

4. No I don't use bleach. I wouldn't even know how to use it if I did.

I sound pretty gross after answering those questions compared to the other people. I feel dirty.

Isabel said...

1)I suck and don't even want to admit to this one. But to be fair, I wear my bra OVER my underclothing. So it doesn't actually ever touch my skin. (Does that make it less gross that I don't wash it that often?) (I don't own that many bras to be washing them that often. Seriously.)

2)I will probably wear them for a week. Maybe less. I only wear them to sleep in, so they aren't getting dirty, or anything.

3)I try for once a week. We only own one pair of sheets. So it's hard to change them.

4)I wish I used bleach on my white underclothing. But my husband HATES the smell of bleach and forbids it. He's dumb.

AnnieM said...

I am almost exactly the same.

1) Bras prabably once a week, unless they get "milky".

2) PJ shits once, pants sometimes two nights.

3) Sheets once a week but if I had the time, I'd wash them more becasue I love how fresh sheets feel so tight. I swear they make me sleep better.

4) I am addicted to bleach! I love it! But it is really hard on clothes. I love the bleach my white towels and I actually really like the smell.

janet said...

Keep in mind that I hate laundry. I'd choose dishes over laundry 7 days a week...

1. Bras...at most maybe 5 wears? In the summer less because oh, the sweat.

2. I totally change what I wear every night (from nothing to lots)...so anywhere from 1 to 3 times?

3. Oh...I am not great about this. 2x a month?

4. Only occasionally...I don't love the smell...

Jenna said...

Oh man, the dirty laundry comes out!

1. About 3 wears.

2. Only once.

3. Our sheets, every other week. The girls, practically every other day because of spills, accidents, etc.

4. Not too often. Hate the smell, but I like the sparkle every now and then.

Anonymous said...

1) 3x's unless milky (I like that term from a pp, so I'm using it:)
2)shirts=2 wears, pants=3 to 4 wears
3)i wish every week, but usually 3x per month
4)I am addicted to color safe bleach. I use it on EVERYTHING. I do regular bleach my sheets and cream colored towels...not much else.

alyssa pahules said...

i have to pay $1 for wash and 75 cents for drying, so my average is less than everyone else's!

i wear my bras until their stinky...wash every couple of weeks?

I do have a different sleep top every night though.

sheets...once a month? (i too only have one pair)

i dont use bleach...i think i have once maybe...dont really know much about it!