Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I HATE THIS!!! Okay, I don't really hate "this", but "this" is hard. What is "this"? It's the WAITING FOR THIS BABY TO BE BORN AND WAITING FOR ESCROW TO CLOSE ON OUR HOUSE. That's what "This" is. My life is about to change SO drastically in 2 ways, but I'm just stuck here before it all changes, being TORTURED beyond oblivion.


Okay, I feel a little bit better. It probably wouldn't be so hard if it wasn't 812 degrees outside. Or if I at least had a fan on my hot and swollen red feet.

Sooo...would you like to look at a funny picture to pass the time with me?

This is my 61 year old dad. In order for this picture to reach maximum funniness, you must know my father. He is a self-employed structural engineer. You will never find him with out a pen, pencil, miniature measuring tape, and swiss army knife in his pocket. He goes to church every Sunday, NO FAIL, and knows more about the Bible than...Billy Graham. He is an endless source of knowledge, on topics that range from soil mineral contents to the date Custer's last stand took place. He wears plaid button down shirts and the same style of jeans everyday. He plays the piano and loves trains and reads Guns and Ammo and Military Heritage magazines. The only channel he ever watches is Fox News, and he listens to Rush Limbaugh religiously. His favorite Rush Limbaugh quote is "It's eleven o'clock, time for welfare recipients to...WAKE UP!". He loves his family like no other, loves kitties like no other, and every person on the planet that has ever met him just thinks he is the sweetest, nicest man EVER. He also can't throw anything away, which is a funny post all of its own.

So this picture? Is HILARIOUS! It is the absolute ANTITHESIS of my dad, and everything he stands for.

(Background info on this photo: He was going to a St Pattie's day party, and bought a new green shirt and green Guinness boxers to wear [the fact that his boxers say Guinness on them is funny in and of itself, as I don't think I've ever seen my dad have anything to drink other than a glass of wine at my wedding], and he really wanted his boxers to show. So my mother and I talked him into sagging his pants like all the high school boys do. The facial expression was his idea. Apparently, it's the interpretation of the intelligence level of guys who sag their pants. I have to admit, I kind of agree).


Silly Hily said...

That is hilarious. Your dad looks so sweet. While I don't consider myself a Republican, that quote did make me laugh and it does have some truth to it (sadly).
Man, if I had a dime for every blog that is currently complaining about the heat.....
I think it's hot everywhere. I even thought the other day how sorry I felt for any woman who is currently pregnant. So, I'm sooooo sorry! Hopefully your waiting will come to an end very soon.

KellyF said...

Your dad sounds hilarious... and I love that picture! :) My dad is always making goofy faces at the camera.

jessica said...

Your Dad is too funny!

I know this part muct suck, but just think how WONDERFUL everything is going to be really soon!

Erika said...

You poor thing. Waiting for those TWO things WOULD be excruciating. Hang in there!

liberalbanana said...

Don't worry - the wait will be over soon enough! You know how I'm planning to move in with my bf? Well now his roomie isn't moving out until DECEMBER because that's when some of his friends have their basement apt. opening up so I have to wait another FIVE MONTHS! It's hard.

Your dad looks like a fun guy! Except for the whole "watching Fox news" thing. Bad Dad! :)

Isabel said...

I love this picture. I work with engineers, so I know the "type".

And the waiting is very hard. I remember those days. But the baby will be here soon enough!

Janet said...

Very funny!

I'm here via Janet at Love is Blonde, who forwarded me your cat diet email. My cat is on it as of yesterday. Yay!

Just wanted to let you know. :o)

Avorie said...

Update! Update! Update!

You do know it's illegal to keep us on on the edge of our seats when your this close to having your baby! I've been following your blog during the entire pregnancy. Good luck during labor and enjoy everything!!

KellyF said...

I am wondering where you are and if you've HAD THIS BABY! I am so dorky I am checking back a couple of times a day to see if there is an update!!