Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ultrasound Follow up

So you may be wondering if my baby has a stomach or not.... (Thank you, Avorie, for asking!)

The first 10 minutes of the U/S were pretty stressful. The technician was searching and searching, still to avail no baby tummy. So he decided to measure my amniotic fluid first then go back to stomach-searching. It measured fine, which suggested there must be a stomach somewhere in there. So he went back to searching, and after a couple minutes, he practically shouted, "Aha! There it is! That's the stomach!" And proceeded to take like 8 pictures of it. If you ever want a picture of a 19 week old fetus' stomach, please call me, I have a few on hand.

So we are thrilled. And so unbelievably relieved. It was a LONG 8 days. But during the course of those 8 days I received many encouraging stories and lots of prayer, which was so great.

We found out that our baby is super-active (I already knew that from the 30+ times a day I feel some sort of jab/roll/kick) and likes to hang out straight up and down. It's head is to the right of my bellybutton, and its butt is several inches directly below. And it was really weird, we saw it "climb" backwards into a different area of the womb during the ultrasound. Like it was hiding from us or something! Such a funny little baby. I can't wait to officially meet him/her.

Oh, and stay tuned, I'll post our boy and girl name selections next post!


jessica said...

Hooray for a stomach! I'm very glad you can stop stressing over that now.
And? totally can't wait to hear your baby names!

Erika said...

That is so great to hear!!! You are probably so petite it was hard to find, especially with the baby "straight up and down"!!! You're looking fantastic.

Isabel said...

I'm so glad that all is well. Phew.

Thanks for keeping us updated!

Avorie said...

I'm so relieved that your baby is okay! Thanks for updating us and I look forward to hearing all about the rest of the pregnancy!